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A new and bigger dm store opened in BBI Center

A new, more beautiful, bigger and more pleasant dm shopping shop for shopping was opened yesterday in BBI Center. The store is now on two floors, and the grand opening was marked by large crowds and smiling faces of visitors.

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06/14/2019 at 10:29

In a spacious 2-storey shop, besides the standard ones, you can now find new products from the expanded range of care and beauty products, babies, healthy eating and men's care, and new assortments have been introduced.


Be sure to visit the new dm store in BBI Center  in the coming days because you are expecting a 15% discount on total purchase until June 15, great gifts with shopping, fantastic offer of 1 + 1 free product, luck wheel, a prize game for all customers up to 20 June and fun for the youngest.


All the owners of the BBI Center loyalty card, besides the mentioned benefits, realize 2% of the money cashback for each purchase, and those members of our loyalty community who buy a dm voucher at the BBI Center Reception, make an additional 5% of cashback.


You have not heard a better offer for a long time 

Working hours:

monday - saturday:

shopping: 09.00 - 22.00

gastro: 08.00 - 23.00

supermarket: 08.00 - 22.00



shopping: 10.00 - 18.00

gastro: 08.00 - 22.00

supermarket: 08.00 - 22:00

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