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Fred Perry, Northland

Fred Perry je brand koji je postao hit, međutim rijetki znaju ko stoji iza tog imena. Fred Perry je povijesna ličnost, zaista je živio, a rođen je 18. maja 1909. u mjestu Stockport u blizini Manchestera.

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Fred Perry

Fred Perry is the brand that has become a hit, however the rare ones know who stands behind the name. Fred Perry is a historic personality, he really lived, and was born on May 18, 1909 in the place Sockport near Manchester. 



The bay leaves as his trademark is not only remembrance of the tennis legend, but also the symbol of success of an ordinary man. Nowdays, clothing bearing the Fred Perry logo is a synonym for the quality and timeless design, gladly acceptable and worn in all classes of the modern society.       




Since 1973, Northland is a leading world brand in the range of functional outdoor equipment and the clothing for adventurous and sport spirit. Northland was developed from the ultimately technical brand that was focused on extreme rock-climbing and mountaineering as well as on the other branches of sports adventures. As one of the first sports brands, Northland is aiming to introduce the concept of successful combination of the technology and the latest fashion trends. Northland has been successful in its mission in more than 38 countries across the globe. 






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