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L'Occitane only in BBI Center

The irresistible L’Occitane has reopened in BBI Center. The tradition of the French province of Provence, its values and harmony for more than 30 years have been the inspiration for fragrances and gentle L'Occitane facial and body care products.

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07/13/2021 at 12:55

The top French cosmetics for face, body and hair care, whose products enchant with their fragrance, texture and duration.


All L’Occitane products are based on natural active ingredients, ie high-quality vegetable and essential oils, and shea butter, which is their distinctive stamp. Most products are marked in Braille for the blind.


Discover the magic of Provence woven into L’Occitane’s premium fragrant and nourishing products. Authentic, natural and extremely effective, L'Occitane is an absolute delight. See you in BBI Center in our oasis of peace and at the source of true beauty!

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