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{"lok1":{"naziv":"Lindex","tekst":" The adventure started in 1959 when Carlo Stefanel began with production of knitted fabrics in a small ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/42\/lindex.html"},"lok3":{"naziv":"Woman'Secret","tekst":"The fashion shop with famous brands, for all those who care about their look, and at the same time recognize ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/107\/woman_secret.html"},"lok4":{"naziv":"Dresscode","tekst":"By listening to the needs of the market for you, we have prepared a modern and quality collection with the ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/56\/dresscode.html"},"lok5":{"naziv":"Cacharel","tekst":"The Cacharel Company joined the Aydinli Group in 1995. It was established in France in 1962 by Jean Bousquet. ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/54\/cacharel.html"},"lok6":{"naziv":"Ecco","tekst":"Ecco has long been one of the world famous brands, which has already gained the trust of a large number of ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/108\/ecco.html"},"lok7":{"naziv":"Trussardi","tekst":"Trussardi has been a symbol of Italian quality and innovation for over 100 years, globally known for top ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/20\/trussardi.html"},"lok8":{"naziv":"Geox","tekst":"The company was founded in 1995 by Mario Moretti Polegato. The brand name, Geox, was created from a mixture ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/97\/geox.html"},"lok9":{"naziv":"Samsonite","tekst":"Top brand SAMSONITE, already more than a hundred years, a true leader in the production of travel luggage, ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/19\/samsonite.html"},"lok10":{"naziv":"Denny Rose","tekst":"Denny Rose is placed on the first floor of the BBI Center, offering the new collections of this very popular ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/8\/denny_rose.html"},"lok11":{"naziv":"Retro Shoes","tekst":"The Retro retail space in BBI Center models of the trusted brands such as Jack & Jones, Selected, Pieces, ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/88\/retro_shoes.html"},"lok12":{"naziv":"Polo Ralph Lauren","tekst":"A large number of fans of this brand now, on the second floor of BBI Center, can buy a piece of clothing with ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/64\/polo_ralph_lauren.html"},"lok13":{"naziv":"Granoff","tekst":"The quality of our products has been recognized by many, so today we have customers around the world, in ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/74\/granoff.html"},"lok14":{"naziv":"Tommy Hilfiger","tekst":"Tommy Hilfiger is a global premium lifestyle brand born from the concept of adding the modern 'twist' to ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/21\/tommy_hilfiger.html"},"lok15":{"naziv":"Connectum","tekst":"Although a bookstore, with its overall activities CONNECTUM intends to become a distinguishing culture ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/132\/connectum.html"},"lok16":{"naziv":"Artefakt nakit","tekst":"Artefakt proajni pult pronadite u BBI Centru, na 2. spratu. ","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/138\/artefakt_nakit.html"},"lok19":{"naziv":"DeFacto","tekst":"With 324 shops in Turkey and 123 stores abroad, DeFacto continues its journey as one of the three companies ...","href":"http:\/\/www.bbicentar.ba\/eng\/shop\/171\/defacto.html"}}

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monday - saturday:

shopping: 09.00 - 21.00

gastro: 08.00 - 23.00

supermarket: 08.00 - 22.00



shopping: 10.00 - 18.00

gastro: 08.00 - 22.00

supermarket: 08.00 - 22:00

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